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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Biodata Management and Analysis - NIH/CSR

I have been appointed to the Biodata Management and Analysis (BDMA) study section at NIH for a three year term. For more information about this study section see the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) website.

Here is a summary of the areas covered by BDMA:

Methods for data management including: Data representation, standards and ontology development, data capture, data integrity and validation, data archiving, data distribution, data query, hardware and software for computer systems, database robotics, and interoperation and federation of databases.

Methods for data analysis including: Numerical, statistical and mathematical methods; theoretical approaches to design and interpretation of large-scale studies, such as high throughput analyses; computational methods for organizing, maintaining, and integrating datasets, such as in proteomics and genomics.

Visualization techniques: Summary, integration, and representation of data in meaningful ways, for example, graphical, auditory, tactile, and visual; methods for data mining, World Wide Web and other server representations and computer representations and simulations.


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