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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Human genome at ten: Life is complicated

It is nice to see a major journal providing some recognition that life is indeed complex. I would love to see Nature change its editorial policy to only consider publishing genetic epidemiology papers that directly address the complexity of the genome and human biology. For example, no paper should be published without a thoughtful analysis of gene-gene interactions, gene-environment interactions, pleitropy, locus heterogeneity or other complex phenomena. I would be more than happy to work with Nature to help them change their editorial policy away from technology-driven single-SNP-at-a-time type sciencific papers that have not really improved our ability to predict who is at risk for various common human diseases.

Hayden, EC. Human genome at ten: Life is complicated. Nature 464, 664-667 (2010). [Nature]

The more biologists look, the more complexity there seems to be. Erika Check Hayden asks if there's a way to make life simpler.


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