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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A View of the Parallel Computing Landscape

We rely very heavily on parallel computing to assist with our computational studies of epistasis. This article appeared in the Oct., 2009 issue of Communications of the ACM.

Krste Asanovic, Rastislav Bodik, James Demmel, Tony Keaveny, Kurt Keutzer, John Kubiatowicz, Nelson Morgan, David Patterson, Koushik Sen, John Wawrzynek, David Wessel, Katherine Yelick. A View of the Parallel Computing Landscape. Communications of the ACM Vol. 52 No. 10, Pages 56-67 [ACM]


Industry needs help from the research community to succeed in its recent dramatic shift to parallel computing. Failure could jeopardize both the IT industry and the portions of the economy that depend on rapidly improving information technology. Here, we review the issues and, as an example, describe an integrated approach we're developing at the Parallel Computing Laboratory, or Par Lab, to tackle the parallel challenge.


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