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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Program in Resource Bioinformatics

I have been awarded a subcontract to work with Harvard University, Jackson State University, Montana State University, Morehouse College, Oregon Heath Sciences University, the University of Alaska, University of Hawaii, and the University of Puerto Rico to develop the national infrastructure for sharing biomedical research resources. Locally, we are establishing a Program in Resource Bioinformatics at Dartmouth College to identify and make available information about cell lines, mouse models, software, reagents, etc. that can be shared with the rest of the country. This new program is funded by an NIH/NCRR ARRA U24 grant. The official NCRR press release can be found here. The Dartmouth College press release can be found here. The Dartmouth newspaper article ont he project can be found here. A brief description of our project can be found here.


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