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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Travelling the world of gene-gene interactions

A nice new review on gene-gene interaction analysis.

Van Steen K. Travelling the world of gene-gene interactions. Brief Bioinform.
2011 Mar 26. [PubMed]


Over the last few years, main effect genetic association analysis has proven to be a successful tool to unravel genetic risk components to a variety of complex diseases. In the quest for disease susceptibility factors and the search for the 'missing heritability', supplementary and complementary efforts have been undertaken. These include the inclusion of several genetic inheritance assumptions in model development, the consideration of different sources of information, and the acknowledgement of disease underlying pathways of networks. The search for epistasis or gene-gene interaction effects on traits of interest is marked by an exponential growth, not only in terms of methodological development, but also in terms of practical applications, translation of statistical epistasis to biological epistasis and integration of omics information sources. The current popularity of the field, as well as its attraction to interdisciplinary teams, each making valuable contributions with sometimes rather unique viewpoints, renders it impossible to give an exhaustive review of to-date available approaches for epistasis screening. The purpose of this work is to give a perspective view on a selection of currently active analysis strategies and concerns in the context of epistasis detection, and to provide an eye to the future of gene-gene interaction analysis.


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