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Friday, December 28, 2012

Translational Bioinformatics Collection

We participated (Chapter 11) in this nice collection of translational bioinformatics papers published by PLoS Computational Biology.

Introduction to Translational Bioinformatics Collection
Russ B. Altman

Chapter 1: Biomedical Knowledge Integration
Philip R. O. Payne

Chapter 2: Data-Driven View of Disease Biology
Casey S. Greene, Olga G. Troyanskaya

Chapter 3: Small Molecules and Disease
David S. Wishart

Chapter 4: Protein Interactions and Disease
Mileidy W. Gonzalez, Maricel G. Kann

Chapter 5: Network Biology Approach to Complex Diseases
Dong-Yeon Cho, Yoo-Ah Kim, Teresa M. Przytycka

Chapter 6: Structural Variation and Medical Genomics
Benjamin J. Raphael

Chapter 7: Pharmacogenomics
Konrad J. Karczewski, Roxana Daneshjou, Russ B. Altman

Chapter 8: Biological Knowledge Assembly and Interpretation
Ju Han Kim

Chapter 9: Analyses Using Disease Ontologies
Nigam H. Shah, Tyler Cole, Mark A. Musen

Chapter 10: Mining Genome-Wide Genetic Markers
Xiang Zhang, Shunping Huang, Zhaojun Zhang, Wei Wang

Chapter 11: Genome-Wide Association Studies
William S. Bush, Jason H. Moore

Chapter 12: Human Microbiome Analysis
Xochitl C. Morgan, Curtis Huttenhower

Chapter 13: Mining Electronic Health Records in the Genomics Era
Joshua C. Denny

Chapter 14: Cancer Genome Analysis
Miguel Vazquez, Victor de la Torre, Alfonso Valencia


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