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Sunday, March 06, 2005

BioGEC Workshop Paper Deadline: March 14

This is a reminder that papers are due March 14th for the Biological Applications of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (BioGEC) workshop. The fourth annual BioGEC workshop, organized in connection with the 2005 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2005) in Washington DC, USA, is intended to explore and critically evaluate the application of genetic and evolutionary computing (GEC) to biological problems. Specifically, the goal is to bring biologists and computer scientists together to foster an exchange of ideas that will yield emergent properties that will move the field forward in unpredictable ways. In order to facilitate interaction and discussion, the workshop invites papers in the form of commentaries, essays, perspectives, surveys, tutorials, and reviews that focus on ideas for discussion rather than specific research results. Questions that might be addressed in a paper include (but are not limited to):

1) What biological problems are GEC methods well-suited for?
2) What biological problems are GEC methods not well-suited for?
3) Which of the many GEC methods should be used for a specific biological problem?
4) What are the successes and failures of GEC for a specific biological problem?
5) What impact has GEC had on biology/bioinformatics?
6) Should all biologists/bioinformaticists be using GEC?
7) What is the future of GEC for solving biological problems?
8) What GEC software tools are available for use by biologists/bioinformaticists?
9) What unanswered questions in GEC are relevant to solving biological problems?

Important Dates:

March 14, 2005: papers due
April 8, 2005: acceptance notices
April 22, 2005: camera ready revisions due
June 25-26, 2005: BioGEC workshop


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