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Sunday, July 31, 2005

New Journal: Cancer Informatics

Cancer Informatics is a new journal that will provide a forum for publishing research related to computational methods for detecting, characterizing, and interpreting epistasis or gene-gene interactions. I am currently serving on the editorial board.

Aim and Scope:

Cancer Informatics is a peer-reviewed, open-access research journal where those engaged in cancer research can turn for rapid communication of the latest advances in the application of bioinformatics and computational biological toward the discovery of new knowledge in oncology and cancer biology, and toward the clinical translation of that knowledge to increase the efficacy of practicing oncologists, radiologists and pathologists.

Papers submitted for review in Cancer Informatics should focus on the following areas:

1) advances in high throughput genomic, proteomic and genetic data analysis, including new insights from the re-analysis or integrated analysis of published data sets

2) advances in cancer detection, imaging and visualization through improved algorithms

3) cancer information databases

4) advances in telemedicine and medical imaging algorithms

5) steps toward personalized and molecular medicine, biomarker validation studies, integrative and translational cancer research

6) improvements in the understanding computational cancer biology through the study of protein structures and protein-protein interactions, cancer pathway analysis and modeling

7) improved understanding of cancer as a process through systems biology

8) cancer modeling

9) cancer surveillance

10) improvements in in silico drug discovery algorithms

11) improved methods for studying survivorship patterns in clinical trials related to novel biomarkers

12) genomic and genetic mapping algorithms to improve the discovery of components of the genome important to the occurrence, development of cancer and responses of cancer to treatment

The speed of reporting advances in informatics solutions for cancer research, the open access model, and the highest editorial standards with which Cancer Informatics is produced will have the combined effect of maximizing the synergistic impact of advances in bioinformatics and computational biology on cancer research.


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